Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha

Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha

“The general idea of the album is light emerging from darkness, hope emerging from fear. Those moments of grace when something or someone reminds you that love is what keeps the world moving forwards.

For me, clubbing and the wider world of electronic music represent these feelings. They are inclusive, international, positive, universal, euphoric; those special moments in a club have the ability to stay with you forever and can change your outlook on everything. Saying that, whilst Song For Alpha has been influenced by techno, I wanted to make something that would soar beyond that”.

The artwork was created by running the music through an audio editing programme called Audacity which gave us an exact visual representation of the music on the album. Using these digitally generated images we then proceeded to enhance and enrich them via other creative programs such as Photoshop resulting in a intricate sonic landscape.

We manipulated the colours and added distortions to further encapsulate the feeling and inspiration behind the album. Dan wanted it to illustrate a sense of surging warmth, as if the light was breaking through darkness. That’s where the burning reds, oranges and yellows came from, contrasted with deep blacks the final result feels epic. Thats why we feel the artwork has resinated with so many people, including ourselves – because the artwork is a direct result of the sounds within.

Daniel Avery 

Phantasy Records 

Nerve Management 

Photography: Steve Gullick