My Hotels

My Hotels

We worked closely with My Hotels over the course of 6 months to create a new brand strategy that could be applied across the Group and their three hotels located in Chelsea, Bloomsbury and Brighton. 

The most important part of the brief was to elevate the companies presence within todays competitive hospitality market. The group already had a loyal customer base and successful rating history, it now just needed to stand alongside its contemporary competitors. We did this by introducing a new identity that evoked quality and held a bespoke aesthetic. We also worked alongside company Margaret throughout the project in order to reconstruct the companies social presence and core values. We created extensive brand guidelines covering design rules, uniform guides and overall tone of voice. We refreshed the entire hotel groups collateral including an in-house magazine, company stationary, customer welcome pack, promotional material and signage. 

We designed and built a main group website and the three individual hotels, each hotel website had to hold its own voice yet appear from the same brand, we did this using a subtle change in colour palettes and photography.

The marque is formed by the combination of letters ‘M’ ‘Y’ ‘H’ and is symbol of quality, adventure and comfort. It should evoke the joy of travel and be known as the window to tranquillity.

Client: My Hotels Group
Website: My Hotels Webiste

Photography: Nick Ballon