Tinto App

Tinto App

Brand Identity and UI/UX for parenting app Tinto.

‘We’re on a mission to help mothers thrive in every stage of life. Connect with mums on your wavelength. There’s a science in making meaningful connections. We want to show you how…

This disconnected era is making mums feel increasingly isolated. It really does take a village to raise a child, so we built Tinto – that modern day village. We believe no one should face parenthood alone. That’s why we created Tinto, so we can thrive together.’

The most important factor when creating this identity was for the logo and symbol to represent organic forms without loosing a sense of sophistication and trust. The logotype itself has intentional imperfections due to it being hand rendered. We wanted the symbol to hold aspects of the human form in an abstracted way which resulted in an almost tribalist mark that encompasses the process of parenthood.

The tone of UI and UX needed to be inviting and peaceful. We wanted to make the user feel as if they had arrived in a place of comfort and were dealing with a company they could trust whilst sharing highly personal aspects of their life.

To further personalise the journey we developed a system of generating unique ‘personality spheres’ that were constructed by combining the users three most prominent personality traits gathered after a short questionnaire. This would not only give them they’re very one-of-kind sphere but it also meant it could be used as a visual tool to recognise other mothers with similar personalities to yourself or, equally as useful, someone with a slightly different approach  to parenting than you. These colour gradients then gave us a tool to use throughout out the overall visual language and eye catching marketing for the app.