Tutto Wines

Tutto Wines

In collaboration with Plakat design studio, we created a new visual identity for Tutto Wines.

Together we launched a new website that would showcase their growers and enable Tutto to digitise their evolving wine list for trade and wholesale clients.

Additionally,  we created a series of winemaker portrait cards that could be used as promotional items during tastings, dinners and parties in celebration of the fantastic winemakers and beautiful terroirs that they work closely with.

This aspect of the project further enhances Tutto Wines ethos; to work with artisans who farm without the use of chemicals, producers that resist the urge to manipulate the wines in the celler and remove the distance between the artisans and the people who drink their wines.

Our work for Tutto Wines can be found  here

Collaboration: Plakat

Photography: James Nelson & Alex Whyte

Web Development: Marlow Perceval